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About Programming

Unlike web design, web programming is one of the "invisible" aspects of a web site. When you purchase a book from, or place a bid on a collectible at Ebay, or even look up something on a search engine like Google, you are experiencing the magic of web programming first hand. It's always there, working in the background, carrying out the most essential tasks. Without programming, the web would be just a series of static pages that wouldn't even be categorized or indexed in any meaningful way. But with programming, the web becomes a truly dynamic, interactive, interconnected medium.

Like most high-tech items, web programming is rapidly evolving. At times, it is hard even for seasoned professionals to keep up with the changes. But what matters to you is what can be done with all that powerful capability. The possibilities are practically limitless. If you have a need that goes beyond the scope of mere web design, whether it be e-commerce, site-wide search engines, email feedback forms, or the like, then the issue of programming comes into play. The next question is how to fulfill those needs. And that is where AOWebs comes in.

The AOWebs Difference

Programming is the glue that holds the entire World Wide Web together. Because of this, the issue of integration becomes paramount. In your research, you may have found one company that can design a site, another that can write one type of program needed for the site, still another that can write a different program. You may even have found off-the-shelf programs and scripts that allow you to perform the functions you desire. However, this one-size-fits-all approach is unwise in the extreme. Without a company that can bring the elements of web site creation - of which programming may be the most significant - into a single, unified whole, you may not only discover that things don't work as they should, but even if they do work there may be significant and potentially catastrophic security issues involved that you don't discover until it is too late.

While the balance in web design is between style and content, the balance in web programming is between robustness and security. Creating an experience for your users that is interesting, informative, dynamic, and at the same time safe (for them and for you) requires knowing not only what to do, but what not to do. It requires putting in only as much functionality as is required for the job. One of the greatest mistakes that many programmers make is not creating a program that does too little, but creating one that does too much. Web programming is, more than anything, a discipline of economy.

At AOWebs our staff of professional programmers possess not only years of industry experience, but a solid academic background. Several have taught at the college level. But more than this, we are always growing. The Internet is a constantly changing medium. Existing technologies suddenly become irrelevant, and new issues arise that must be dealt with. AOWebs is dedicated to staying on top of the industry, and providing you with the best that the Web has to offer.

For more information, please call us at (619) 267-2236, or email

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