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About Marketing

Of all five phases of the web development lifecycle, marketing is perhaps the least understood. Not coincidentally, this makes it the most treacherous. You will find many companies on the web that promise "Guaranteed success!", "100,000 visitors to your site daily!" or "Top ranking on all major search engines!" and the like. With few exceptions, most of these companies are fly-by-night operations designed to separate you from your money.

Realistically speaking, there is no way to guarantee success on the Internet, any more than one can guarantee success in any avenue of business. What you can do is substantially improve your odds of success.

The problem with many web firms is that, while they may know a great deal about the technical end of the trade (programming, design, etc.), they may know nothing at all about the business and marketing end. What's worse, the work they do might actually run contrary to what you hope to achieve! Marketing is by no means a separate element of web solutions. Its close ties with design, for instance, are clear to see. The perfect web company is one that not only follows technical trends and how they relate to the Internet, but one that follows business trends in general and can apply that accumulated knowledge to provide a product that will be profitable as well as functional.

AOWebs is such a company.

The AOWebs Difference

So why are we different?

To begin with, AOWebs has substantial roots in the area of marketing. The parent company of AOWebs, Administrative Office, is a business and marketing consulting firm. The president of AOWebs, Mr. Charles Pratt, began his career with a degree in business and economics, and has since worked in marketing and management capacities in a wide variety of industries.This collective expertise is available to you when you become a client of AOWebs.


Search-engine and directory submissions are key elements in web marketing, but unless you know what you're doing, you'll find yourself wasting time (and possibly a substantial amount of money) on a "shotgun" approach that will not deliver the desired results. It is important to remember that all search engines are not created equal. Techniques that will gain a high ranking on some search engines may actually lower your ranking on others! More than anything, web marketing requires a targeted approach. The web is a big place, and unless you can reach your intended audience, your site will just become one out of millions of others. AOWebs is the perfect company to help you reach that audience.


Any discussion of web marketing must include discussion of the domain name and its central importance to success. This is your web site's Internet identity, and a name that the public will identify with you or your business. Yet the selection of a good domain name always seems to pose a problem. Many people make the mistake of trying to pack more information into it than is appropriate. Can you imagine a domain name that reads like this:

The average user does not want to have to write a novel just to visit a web site. Improper use of abbreviations can be just as detrimental. Picture taking the above name and forming an acronym from it:

It's meaningless, unattractive, and requires that one memorize the long name in its entirety in order to recall the acronym. Use of frequently misspelled words is also a common issue. Example:

or is it... ??

or is it ??

After the second or third unsuccessful attempt, the user is likely to go elsewhere.

When it comes to domain names, SIMPLICITY IS KEY! Note that the most popular sites on the Internet have domain names that are short, sweet, and memorable:,,,,,, and so forth. Getting back to our example above, if Mr. Smith were to use as the domain name of his tile company something like, then he would find that traffic to his web site would increase exponentially.

If you already have a domain name, great! We can work with your domain registrar to provide the additional services you require. If not, AOWebs can advise on selecting a domain name for you. For your convenience, we have created a link to the domain lookup of our name registrar, DirectNIC. If you have an idea for a domain name and you want to see if it's available, simply enter it in the box below - without the www and including the suffix (.com, .net, .org...) - and click search. If it's available, just give us a call at (619) 267-2236 or email We'll reserve the name for you, and so will begin the first step towards having your own web presence!

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