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About Maintenance

In contrast with marketing, which is probably the least understood phase of web development, maintenance is probably the most misunderstood phase. The semantical distinction may not be readily apparent, but it is important. In other words, there is nothing about maintenance that is unpredictable, ambiguous, or open to trends and tastes (like marketing), but it is the area that many people tend to underestimate.


Because when most people think of maintenance they think only of something being broken that requires fixing. While it is true that error correction is a big part of web maintenance, it is not the biggest part.

When you think web maintenance, think SCALABILITY.

The ability of your web site to grow as your business grows is critical. If you do not expect or want your business to grow then you will probably not have to worry much about web maintenance, but this is not a goal that most people in business have. Indeed, growth is usually seen as an end in itself. That same one-page web site that you started with when your company was in its infancy is probably not the same site you want to have when your business has expanded to ten locations statewide.

The AOWebs Difference

Maintenance encompasses every aspect of the other four phases of web development. This is where the issue of integration becomes not merely a convenience but a crucial requirement. Design considerations can be affected by having more money; hence the capability to have a more stylish and robust site. This impacts programming as well. Also, you may find it necessary to have full e-commerce capabilities on your site where there wasn't a need before. Hosting considerations come into play if you discover that the connection to your site requires more bandwidth (the capability for more people to visit it simultaneously). Or maybe you need more storage space for your larger site. And marketing is affected when you find you have a bigger and more diverse audience to reach, or the financial capability to reach that bigger audience.

When you use AOWebs as your web solutions provider, you will be assured that these elements will come together as seamlessly as possible. Yes, you can have one company design your site, another company host it, another make changes and perform maintenance, and so on. But why make things complicated? In the business world, even the simplest projects require overall management to bring everything together into a single, unified whole. Creating a web site is anything but a simple undertaking; indeed, it may be one of the most complex components of the business model. You simply cannot afford to take time away from your busy schedule to focus attention on your web site, so we do it for you. Whether your needs are great or small, AOWebs is committed to making your online presence the best it can be.

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