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About Design

The ideal web site requires understandability, usability, and quality for the person visiting the site. The screen layouts must be attractive but not distracting, the content well-placed for ease of use, and the graphic designs stimulating. These are elements that any good web site must have.

So what are the challenges?

First, the proper balance of style and content must be attained. One must not be allowed to overtake the other. How many times have you seen a beautiful advertisement, or a clever and witty television commercial, only to realize that you have no idea of what they are trying to sell? The same rules apply to web design.

Second, one must consider the diversity of one's audience. Viewers do not have a single perspective when they visit a site; they represent a spectrum of interests and backgrounds. Our goal as the web designer is to capture the essence of what you want to present to the viewer and in turn create a site which will meet your goals and command the user's attention. Equally important is creating a site that will convert the casual surfer into a regular visitor.

The AOWebs Difference

If you have been researching web design options, you will have noticed that there are several choices open to you. Some web service providers offer do-it-yourself kits that allow you to create a simple web page by adding a limited amount of your own content to a pre-designed interface, or "template". However, there are four big problems with this approach. First is the simple reality that you want a web page whose design is unique and expresses the idea of you and your company, not everyone else's company. Second, what happens when you go through the entire process of creating a web page for yourself, pay your money, then discover that the look isn't quite what you wanted? Maybe you just want to do something as simple as move a picure from the left side of the page to the right side. Are you familiar enough with the programming languages of the Internet (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) to be able to navigate through lines and lines of code in order to make the necessary changes... providing, that is, that the hosting company will allow you to make changes to their design at all?? Third, those companies generally include the cost of the web site in their monthly fees. So, even though you may pay a nominal fee for creating the page initially, the cost in the long run could prove substantial. And fourth, many web design companies require you to carry their own banner or pop-up advertisements on your web page in order to offset some of their costs. These ads are distracting, consume extra resources on the client's computer, take time to download, and are generally a major nuisance.

Another option that may have crossed your path is a friend, nephew, cousin, or daughter who has taken a class in web design and can put a site together for you. Great! But here again you should be aware of some central issues: Does he or she have a grasp of marketing considerations and how they relate to design? The web page may look wonderful and have all manner of bells and whistles, but does it serve its central purpose or will it alienate its intended audience with an excess of glitz? As mentioned earlier, finding that balance between style and content is one of web design's most difficult challenges. You need a company that can bring years of experience to the table, so that all relevant points can be considered.

This is where you need AOWebs.

We specialize both in design and in implementation of design. In other words, if you know what to say, we know how to say it. If you have no idea what to say, AOWebs can help you find the "words". Our clients have run the gamut from those who want fine-grained control over every aspect of their site, to those who have simply given us a broad outline of their business and asked us to do the rest. If the look of the site is ever not quite what you want, we'll work with you until you're completely satisfied. And because your web site is purchased outright, it's yours to keep and do with as you wish. There are never any hidden monthly charges, and no advertisements for your users to deal with!

Although AOWebs specializes in creating new web sites from scratch, if you have an existing site, or one that is in progress, we can work with you to help make it better. And since we offer complete web solutions, we can scale your web site as your business grows. Decide to sell products online and need e-commerce capabilities? No problem. Extra email accounts, secure directories, private site-wide search engines? Just ask for it... we can provide it.

For more information, please call us at (619) 267-2236, or email